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Akwa Ibom State is located in the south-south geo-political region of Nigeria. The state was created in 1987 out of the former Cross River State. It shares boundaries with Cross River State on the east and Rivers State on the west. The state also shares boundaries with Abia and Imo states in the north while the southern part of it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Akwa Ibom State has a land mass of 8,412 square kilometres with a population of 3.9 million people spread across 31 Local Government Areas. The capital city is Uyo and the major ethnic groups are Ibibio, Annang, and Oron. It is one of the oil-producing states in the Niger Delta.
In addition to the official government structures of communities and local government areas, Akwa Ibom has very active religious and traditional structures, especially in the rural areas which help to organize the many aspects of development at that level. About 50% of the local government areas have riverine communities with many hard-to-reach areas embedded within them. 

Seventy-five percent of the population lives in these rural areas with fishing and farming as their major occupation. The State also has a working population spread across different spheres of life but majority are civil servants.

  Our Vision  
A society without new infections where the infected and the affected are provided with comprehensive treatment, care and support services
  Our Mission
To reduce HIV and AIDS Prevelaence by providing appropriate gender, cultural sensitive information and universal access to comprehensive Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support Services to mitigate AIDS impact among the PLHIV, MARPS and the general popluation
  Overview of HIVA/AIDS Epidemic in Akwa Ibom State

The first case of HIV infection in Akwa Ibom state was reported in 1989. Since then, the epidemic has expanded rapidly. The Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH)/ HIV and AIDS sentinel sero-prevalence studies conducted show the following rates: 12.7%  (1999), 10.7% (2001), 7.2% (2003), 8.0% (2005),  9.7% (,2008) and 10.9% (2010) .  Estimates using the 2010 HIV/AIDS sero-prevalence sentinel survey among women attending antenatal clinics indicate that about  275,250 people may be living with the virus, that means, about 2 in 10 persons in the state is infected with HIV.

The prevalence and new infections continue to be high especially among young people aged 15-24 in spite of interventions by government and partners.

The current HIV prevalence among antenatal attendees in Akwa Ibom State with 10.9% (FMOH, ANC 2010) ranks her second highest in the country and confirms HIV and AIDS as a major health problem in the state. 

Ini LGA Obot Akara LGA

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